Scott Christopher

is co-author of the best selling book The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up” and author of the pretty good selling “People People.” As the former director of the Carrot Culture, Scott was also a contributing author of the very good selling “A Carrot A Day” and “The Daily Carrot Principle.”

Keynote Speaker

The main focus of his laugh-a-minute lectures is sharing how levity, humor and becoming more of a ‘people person’ can help you excel in business and at home. Scott practices what he preaches by presenting meaningful data, research, case studies and stories in a relaxed, interactive, hilarious environment.

What makes him so good?

In addition to having a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management (UConn) and almost criminally genius thought leadership in lightening up a work culture, Scott has been an actor, comedian, TV host and emcee for, well, let’s just say a long time and leave it there. It’s that perfect blend of substance AND style that make his presentations unforgettable. The guy’s done his homework. He knows what he’s talking about AND he keeps audiences awake, engaged and often, incontinent.